Map: Hotel Roger de Lluria, Barcelona

Sergi Tejedor

Front Desk Manager

Sergi is our Front Desk Manager. He has worked at Hotel Roger de LLuria since its opening in the year 2000. You will always see him moving around making sure that everything is at it should be.
How would you define yourself?
I would say I am a responsible nice person who is open to new things and who loves working directly with customers and guests. It would be quite complicated to work in this industry if not!
What do you think sets Hotel Roger de Lluria apart from other hotels?
Without a doubt it is the warm and preferential treatment we give to all our guests, the fantastic location and the spacious, luxurious rooms.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
Interacting with people from different nationalities and cultures, customer service in general, making someone's stay in Barcelona a pleasant one. I also enjoy being part of the team here.
Why would you recommend Barcelona as a touristic destination?
Barcelona has great weather, nice and open people, amazing gastronomy, architecture, culture, beaches, mountains and much, much more.
What do you think about the gastronomy in Barcelona?
There is a lot of gastronomic diversity in this city. You can enjoy typical Spanish cuisine, as well as international cuisines as well as Michelin-starred restaurants. You must try a Catalan restaurant while here, you will not regret it.
Any message for the future guests of Hotel Roger de Lluria?
We will be here waiting for you, ready to provide an unforgettable stay and to make you feel like at home.
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