Map: Hotel Roger de Lluria, Barcelona

Hakim Naji


Hakim Naji was born in Tangiers his hometown located in the North of Africa, has been working in the Hotel since 2010, his characterized for being a very dynamic person and active with many desire of working to attention to the customer offering his communicative capacity speaking more than 5 languages besides the English he speaks French and Spanish, Catalan and Arabic.

He likes to work with a team and he is a lover of the team sports specially the Football and the Basketball; his is an unconditional Fan of the FC Barcelona.

Barcelona city attracts him a very good recollections especially because he meet his wife her.

In this amazing city he can recommend you a plenty of wonderful and curious places to enjoy the best of the gastronomy and the Catalan Architecture That undoubtedly offers an extent and cultural variation with Catalan stamp.

Hakim will have the pleaser offering his services in Hotel Roger de Lluria to help all the Hotel Customer's to spend a memorable stay in Barcelona.

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Roger de Llúria, 28 - 08010 Barcelona    Tel. +34 (9)3 343 60 80    Fax. +34 (9)3 343 60 81    Email.    HB-004097
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