Map: Hotel Roger de Lluria, Barcelona

Massimo Lascioli

2nd Chief Receptionist

Massimo was born in Brescia (Italy) and has worked at Hotel Roger de Lluria since 2006. He is full of charisma; you will always see him with a big smile on his face and with all the willingness to provide the best service to guests and help them have an unbeatable stay. He offers an exceptional customer service spirit to the team, and a special charm at all times.

How would you describe yourself?

I would say I am kind of a boy next door, very easy going, friendly and always willing to work hard and give one hundred and ten percent in everything I do.

What do you feel passionate about?
I enjoy motor sports, travelling, exploring different cultures, a good meal, a great wine.

What do you think sets Hotel Roger de Lluria apart from other hotels in Barcelona?
What sets us apart is a combination of elements that I would much rather guests found out on their own when they come visit us.

Why should a tourist visit Barcelona?
They should come because of its modern architecture, the weather and the gastronomy.

What is your favorite restaurant?
When it comes to prime quality ingredients I have to say without a doubt that my favorite is Rias de Galicia. However, for an unbeatable gastronomic experience I always pick Cinc Sentits.

Any special place you would recommend?
In order to spend a nice and relaxing time I always recommend the Cafe that is located at the Museo Textil, once you go there you will understand. I also recommend Monvinic Restaurant which is dedicated to spread wine culture and which has been considered as one of the best 5 Wine Bars in the world by the New York Times.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hotel Roger de Lluria?
Interacting with people from all over the world is quite an enriching experience that I enjoy every day.
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