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Roger de Llúria

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Roger de Llúria

Enric Garcia Arcauz

Born in Barcelona, Hotel Roger de Llúria´s Director joined the team in 2006. His 20 year experience in the field includes prestigious hotels in Barcelona. With a customer service centered philosophy, he feels great passion for the industry. Always smiling, he strives to make sure that every guest of the hotel goes home having had a pleasant experience.

Roger de Llúria
2nd Chief Receptionist

Hakim Naji

Hakim Naji was born in Tangiers (Morocco) and has been working in the hotel since 2010. He is a highly dynamic and active person who likes to communicate and deal directly with clients.

Roger de Llúria
Head of Reception

Massimo Lascioli

Massimo was born in Brescia (Italy) and has worked at Hotel Roger de Llúria since 2006. He is full of charisma; you will always see him with a big smile on his face and with all the willingness to provide the best service to guests and help them have an unbeatable stay. He offers an exceptional customer service spirit to the team, and a special charm at all times.